Saturday, August 18, 2012

I think I can, I think I can. . .

I think I can make it to the first day! 

Our first "official" days back to work have come and gone!  Teacher meetings and trainings started each of the days and then back into the classroom to keep on working . . . I think even if I had tons of time to prepare I still would never be ready!  But, oh how excited I get when I start to see the room come together.  I look forward to seeing the other teachers, visiting and catching up. . .miss those guys!  I really begin to crave my routine!

Yesterday was our kindergarten orientation!  A big thank you to ALL of my parents for making it and bearing with me as I went over sooo many little details.  I want this to be a fabulous year for all!  The room was crowded with families!  I think there were about 50 bodies squished into that little space, and you could feel the energy.  I was sure one of my little kinder-friends was going to explode with excitement!  I love seeing their faces for the first time and learning a bit about them - the shy ones, the outgoing ones, the ones you knew, but didn't know you knew, and the parents - big smiles and eager to volunteer.  I can't wait!!

Finally a few pictures to show a peek into my room.  I rushed out on Friday, but will take more before the room has the "lived in" look.  I am proud of how things turned out and thankful for my daughter and her BFF for all their help.

Those ugly cupboards are finally covered.  Love how they turned out.

My calendar wall.  A few things are missing, but you get the idea.  My rules are at the top.  (Modified from WBT.) We do them with gestures every morning and whenever we need a gentle reminder.  I added #5 this year - Love that one!

My clip chart - minus the clips.  Hadn't gotten our class list yet.

A little cozy space.  The magazine rack is going to hold my teacher read alouds.  I like them to have their own special place so I don't lose them.  Still need to make a cute label.  It was a dingy white.  Painted it and looks much better!  Cute pillows from Hobby Lobby - on clearance - love!

My daily schedule.  I want to make a cute header for it.  I know the cards aren't very cute.  They were made for a former student and are very functional.  I'm planning on redoing them next summer - already working on that classroom bucket list!

And then there's my kiddos - ok, not really the big one with the goatee - but he can call me mom any day!  I have enjoyed summer with ALL of them, but am so ready to have us all get back to school. 
(Can you tell we are Giants fans? - Go G-Men!)

Mrs. M

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