Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho. . . It's off to work I go!

Today was the last day of  "bootcamp" and I am going to have to say I enjoyed working with the bigger kiddos.  It was a pleasure to get to know them, and hopefully the work we did will make a difference as they start their new school year.  I am definitely planning on checking in with them. 

But. . . I am so glad my little kiddos will be making their way to my room soon.  I have been working in my room over the past couple of weeks - a very little bit at a time.  Today I feel like I made some real headway.  I still have some piles to deal with and bulletin boards are not complete, but I think I might be able to sleep tonight.  When I think of our 3rd grade teachers and the fact that they just got to move into their rooms today with cabinets not even finished - I know I will be OK.  My hope is, I can get to a place in my room so that I can help them.  School starts Monday people!  Hoping to have picture to post tomorrow!

Blessings to my old staff as they begin their new school year tomorrow.  It was a special place to work and is and amazing school.  May all the teachers and students have an exciting and peaceful beginning. 

Mrs. M

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  1. You made another successful contribution to your ELL "bootcamp" students. Sure they are starting school with renewed confidence. Taught you something too.

    Mrs. Mello, you have worked long hours in preparing for your new kindergarten students. It is an example of your dedication to eduction and teaching your students to succeed.

    Wish all the Mello's many moments of enjoyment with their new teachers and classmates. Definitely will not be dull. :))

    Just a thought. I have a friend who writes her free blog using: Hubpages.com which has 164,921 users and 1,192,020 posts. She has made many friends and followers.

    Wishing you an exciting and peaceful school year.

    Blessings more, Claudia