Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Going to the Gallo

Tomorrow we take the first big field trip of the year!  The kiddos are so excited.  ELD classes have been reading the book, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, and doing a lot of response work with the story.  The kids are eager to see how they are going to turn Sylvester into a rock!  A big thank you to the McSwain Foundation for helping to fund the trip.  Almost 300 students are going. . . wish us luck!

A few reminders:
  • Buses will be leaving at 8:15 sharp.  DO NOT BE LATE!
  • All lunch containers and drinks should be disposable.  We do not want kiddos losing those cute lunch boxes and water bottles.  We will re-pack things as needed.
  • We will be walking from the Gallo Theater to Graceda Park.  Be sure students are wearing comfortable shoes!
  • We will be back before school is out, so dismissal will be normal.

We are also beginning to talk about American Symbols.  Today we shared a story about the Liberty Bell.  We learned that is a symbol of freedom and rung during the signing of the Declaration of Independance.  It was hung in Independance Hall in Pennsylvania.  Students are still curious about the crack and want to know how it happened.  All kinds of theories abound ~

"It was rung too much." 

"Someone dropped it."

Can't wait to learn more about these great symbols of our country!
Mrs. M.

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