Friday, February 24, 2012

Rise and Shine!

I love mornings when you have to wake up the kiddos extra early and they just spring out of bed, eager and ready to go.  Then, of course, on the days you let them sleep a little extra. . . they move like snails.  I am super glad this was one of those eager and ready to go mornings!  We had done alot of the prep work last night so, hopefully we will be on time.
A reminder that I am out of the classroom today traveling with the 6th graders to the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose.  It is a great place to visit with your family and has many real Egyptian artifacts including a real mummy.  Check it  out!

The trip to the Gallo was great!  I had a great time watching the kids as they entered the theater.  All of the oooohs and ahhhhhs!  For many of them it was the first time viewing a theater performance.   The show was very good - different from how I thought it would be with lots of music and dancing.  The cast came out on stage afterward and answered a few questions.  The Gallo has many great shows that are perfect for the family.  I hope to go back for another visit soon.  Visit their site to see if anything interests you!  

Afterward, we went to Graceda Park had lunch and played.  It was good to have the opportunity to get rid of some of our energy!  When we got back to school the kids were pooped!  They were begging for naps.  Hopefully they slept well for you!

Mrs. M.

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