Monday, December 26, 2016

Third Time's a Charm

Last year at this time I had revisited my blog after quite a hiatus hoping to begin creating a journal of my newest adventure.  I had returned to my previous school after four years to serve as their principal.  With great faith, I returned to a place I loved and wanted to see continue to succeed hoping I could have an impact.

Hoping I would remember what  blogging was all about and finally getting into my account, I tinkered with the settings and design.  It had been a while and my tastes had changed, although I am still not satisfied.  Soon enough, I had quickly abandoned it again for more pressing needs - my family, my job...

Well, here it is the eve of 2017 - well, almost - and I am yet again making another attempt.  Perhaps this year I will stick with it.  No, not perhaps - I will.  My goal - at least once a week.  What will I share?  My leadership journey, perhaps a few personal tidbits here and there.

This last year and a half I have been greatly influenced by all the eduheros on Twitter.  They have served as my motivation and spurred my continued learning.  They inspire me to stay true to why I became an educator and the reason I will not throw in the towel on my blog.  When I am feeling discouraged, I can participate in a Twitter chat and feel rejuvenated and inspired.  It is reassuring to know I am not alone.  I may not have it all figured out and know that I really never will, but will continue to push myself to become the best wife, mother and teacher I can be.

Blessings ~

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