Monday, February 27, 2012

Reading is Fun Week Begins!

Today marks the beginning of Reading is Fun Week at McSwain.  I am so excited because reading is just one of my favorite things!  I love when kiddos discover they are readers and adore seeing their heads buried in a book.  There is lots going on this week so I hope you check in each day to see what's on deck!

Today is Support the Troops Day!  Students are encouraged to wear their best red, white and blue!  The dress coded has been eased for the week so flags and appropriate patriotic text is acceptable.  Remember, just use best judgement!

Donations for the Read-a-Thon may be turned in beginning tomorrow.  Remember there are many incentives to participate.  See the notice that went home a couple of weeks ago.  Our goal is $20 per student, and students can begin earning incentives with just a $5 donation!  Help our school to further support the educational needs of our kiddos!

I am looking for "Mystery Readers" to come and visit throughout the week.  If you are available, see the sign up sheet that went home or contact me at  I would love to have lots of visitors this week.  I am trying to keep them a secret so ~ shhhhhhhh!

Students will be going to see "Dr. Seuss" at Golden Valley High School on Friday.  Please turn in permission slips by Wednesday.  It should be "Seuss"tastic!

Just to help you prepare for the week, a look at the theme days:

Monday ~ Support the Troops Day
Tuesday ~ Neon Day
Wednesday ~ Sports Day
Thursday ~ Western Day
Friday ~ Pajama Day
(Students will be allowed to change into pajamas after we get back from the play.)

Thank you, as always, for the support!
Mrs. M.

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