Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My kiddos are "bright"!

This morning was a "swap" day with Mrs. Van Horn.  Second graders are working with Mrs. Van Horn on CST test prep, and 1st graders are working with me on reader's response.  We are making a beginning, middle, and end book about the story Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler.  It is a great book which helps kids recognize all the different things they can do to show kindness to one another.  Students have written their rough draft, done some editing, and are now writing their final copies and illustrating.  They are learning being an author is hard work!  Thank you to the parent helpers who have been in to help.
Kindness Is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler

Today notes went home about parent/teacher conferences.  If I did not schedule a conference, but you would like to meet with me, please return your note as soon as possible so I can schedule you for a time.  I will do my best to accommodate everyone. 

  • Thank you to those who sent in their Read-a-Thon envelopes.  Remember they can be turned in through Friday!  Mr. Silveira's class won the Golden Book Award for today - although we did get an honorable mention! 
  • Tomorrow is "Sports Day"!  Students can deck themselves out in their favorite team's gear.
  • Permission slips for the "Dr. Seuss" play at Golden Valley High School are due tomorrow.
  • I am still seeking "Mystery Readers".  Let me know if you are available!
Happy Reading,
Mrs. M.

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