Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's a Technology Linky!

I am joining Kathleen at Growing Kinders to share my technology resolutions for the coming year.  I left a school which had purchased Promethean Boards for all of its teachers.  I was just getting comfortable with that technology when I moved schools and was with out the board - sigh!  I used my board daily for my morning message.  We could circle or highlight words and edit right on the screen.  Each day I would print out the two copies and let my helper of the day take one home.  I would put the other in a binder for students to read at library time.  It became a class favorite!   At the end of the year I made a copy of the whole book for each child - a great kindergarten keepsake!

As for this year - No Promethean Board but plenty of To-Do's:

  • I have an ELMO that I use everyday.  It works great, especially for math.  Last year, we all got Mobi Pads and I was using it at the end of the year.  This year I haven't even taken it out of the box!  The Mobi really gives me mobility and allows me to walk around the room and monitor students better.  I will get that puppy charged and ready to go!
  • With so many people talking about using iPads and iPods in the classroom - I want one or two!  My Principal suggested it to replace the dinosaur computers that are in my classroom.  A little more research and I will be ready to write a grant for them for next year.
  • I want to upload all my music and make easier to access.  I have some of it on my iTunes account but got frustrated because the audio available is horrible.  The only sound I have is from the computer speakers.  Need to work on that!  My kiddos can't even hear it.
  • I need an operational listening center!  I was trying to be resourceful and use what was available - but none of it works!  Another source of frustration.  I worked on it over the Thanksgiving break and thought I had the problem solved - NOT!  I am trying to make more "Listen to Reading" options available for my students.  U-tube is blocked in our district so many of the on-line stories are not available.
  • They have been working on setting up a new computer lab for the K-3 side of our school.  I am determined to be in there and create some tech savvy kinders.
  • It has been nearly a year since I first discovered blogs and I have learned so much from the fabulous teachers who put their heart and soul on the line to share their successes and a failure or two - We call those learning experiences!  I look forward to blogging a little more!
Go ahead and Link-up!
Mrs. M.


  1. Hi Amy! I just found your blog over at Kathleen's linky. I am your newest follower:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. Can't imagine teaching without my ELMO. I too need to get out my slate board. Glad I found you through the linky. :)